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This forum is OzCrypto's 'naughty chair'.

The purpose of this forum...

Postby opus » Mon Oct 12, 2009 7:17 pm

All online forums attract people who just want to make idiot's of themselves by attacking or ridiculing others.

OzCrypto was formed by a group of people who have been subjected to this form of attack on other online forums and chose to try and create a place where everybody is treated fairly and equally and can debate and contribute without fear of ridicule.

Unfortunately some people still want to play the fool and make undignified and unnecessary posts that have no purpose other than to directly try and belittle other people.

This forum serves the purpose of the 'naughty chair' where bad behavior is exposed simply for what it is...bad behavior. The posts that are moved into this forum represent badges of dishonour for those who make them.
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